About Kimberley

Pipeline creator with a sales and marketing leadership background supporting growth in the Commercial segments. Loving wife of the man that wins with the most tech toys. Devoted mother and hockey mom to our 14 yr. old teenage son. Step momma to 3 amazing young adults & their other halves I consider my own and very young hip cool gramma to our 3-year-old grandson. Pet mommy to Dakota our British Short Hair cat and our newest family member, Goldendoodle puppy Bailey. New interests in blogging, power walking with my puppy, cross-country skiing and a new focus on Giving Back in my Community. Avid gardener and live to entertain.

Love ‘the work’ and believe in companies that have strong confident executive management that fosters work-life balance, risk, and innovation.

Kimber’s Kommandments in personal and professional life are:

  1. You’ll always know where you stand with me.

  2. The journey is the reward. – Jonah Hill

  3. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. – Rola Dagher

  4. Be kind to yourself. – Ellen DeGeneres

  5. Be accountable.

  6. I do not believe Success comes in isolation.

  7. If you want us to have a relationship together, then don’t call me Kim.

  8. Pet-peeve, non responsive emails; it’s just rude.

  9. Toss the ego and put yourself out there.

  10. ‘It’s all about Me.’ (say that one out loud) because Me is You and life is better if you (we) better yourself, brand yourself, feel good about yourself, feel good about giving back and finally, love yourself.

Connect with me and let’s have a conversation.