Kimber's Korner_Hot Fun in the Summertime

Is this the most incredible summer ever girls?! 🌻 And while it may be more than half over, its a good time to share 'Kimber's Summer Must-Haves' to take advantage of the end of season deals:

  • Maxi-dress: The most versatile dress around! It can be worn as a cover-up and for social occasions; I've even been known to wear mine as a nighty on a cool summer evening! I tend to like Maxi dresses that come in jersey; my absolute favorite material next to cashmere. Jersey weighs down so the maxi becomes slinky, sexy, and most importantly, comfy! Not to mention, (albeit 'I'm done'), its a perfect garment for that time of the month. 😏 They also compliment any body type; short, petite, tall, 'happy'; they look so lovely on all of us. I have about a half dozen of them! This one of me here is my favorite and is from the brand, Young Fabulous & Broke. They aren't cheap but I've had this little gem for over 5 years now and the quality never tires as well as the compliments. If you have a little bit of hippie in you, I recommend any of their pieces.

  • Birkenstocks: Yup, I know. I said Birkenstocks. And believe you me, if someone asked me over a year ago if I would be a B-owner I'd have laughed right in their face. Hippie-lover yes, but granola-hippie? Not so much......or I thought. In my defense, I have moved to the beach and with a 1+hrs walk a day with our new puppy, the Birkenstock Gizeh Eva style had become a necessity. They are plastic and therefore waterproof, easy to clean, immediately comfy (unlike the standard Birkenstock that needs to be broken in) and cheap, less than $60 bucks Cdn. So in between my Michael Kors and Kate Spades, there lies a pair of Birkenstocks!

  • Bikini Bottom Skirtini: I'm gonna be blunt and call this one a trick vs a tip...Who's got time or the energy to be shorn every day! You know what I mean ladies.😜 Especially for those like me, over 50 and still refusing to abandon our bikinis.


Ray-Ban Aviators

Ray-Ban Aviators:

Ray-Ban Aviators: By far the ultimate sunglasses; classy, chic and timeless. I simply don't know anyone that hasn't looked good in them. Worth every penny! I bought these in Vegas and loved them but had to shelve them for a few years as my eyes worsened and I just couldn't bother paying more cash to get prescriptions put in them. Imagine my delight when I finally moved to contacts and realized I could wear my Ray-Bans again!!

Jean shorts: Aka 'the' summer staple! I seldom have purchased a pair of jean shorts off the shelf for a couple of reasons. They can be stupidly expensive and don't always fit the way I like them to. I do however have an overabundance of jeans. If you're like me, you do too and likely some that are the same or similar to one another. Not too long ago, I 'sacrificed' one of my Citizen of Humanity jeans transforming them into my beloved everyday jean shorts.

Self-tanning lotion: Even though I am already a sun worshiper, I go for the sunkissed enhancer that comes from L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Serum, Medium Natural Tan, 3.4 Fl Oz (under $10 bucks, at Shoppers, Walmart etc.) It's not sticky or stinky but rather dreamy enough to refrain from using perfume and evens your tan to perfection.

Drink of choice: Noticeably you should recognize a small pattern in each of these picts. Call it the summer must-have finale! Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc. A  premium wheat beer that turns every beer moment into a sip of French pleasure. Even for those who seldom drink beer, this brand tops them all! Not to mention, it's a nice accessory for your fashionista poses. πŸ’πŸ»

I could keep going on but by the time I finished all my summer favs, it would be time to talk about the Fall. Keep the conversation going by sharing your favorite must-have for the summer. And don't forget to Like and Share my post!

Bottoms up! 

Kimberley Behnan