Kimber's Kloset_Small town charm

There's something magical about small towns, and no I'm not biased because I now live in one. Small towns tend to serve up scenic views, historical architecture, home cooking and kind people with smiles that aren't afraid to look you in the eye and say hello.

You can also find charmed boutiques filled with unique styles at usually a formidable price! Some of my favorite pieces of clothing come from these little gems I found in a small town. While this blog, in particular, is geared towards my go-to's within Ontario, it's meant to be a conversation started and therefore will be more fruitful if everyone shares their special town boutiques. Here are a handful of mine:

  • Off to Blue Mountain to ski or to Wasaga to the beach? Spend an afternoon in Thornsbury, Ontario. It's close by and there are a handful of boutiques on Bruce street; my favorite being Furbelows.

  • Fenelon Falls has 2 clothing shops that are fun to browse in. The Kawartha Store (I was amazed one summer to find this this go-to wedding outfit!) and the Butterfly Boutique. 

  • Niagara-on-the-lake, surprisingly I did not find a place I loved for me but scored a great store for my husband called Halley's Fashion for Men.

  • While not on the cheap side, I was in fashion heaven in Ancaster at Hanleys It boasts 2 floors filled with high end shoes, purses and clothing. (Attention Hanley's please offer online so I can become a regular customer!)

Now living in the Ottawa region, I am looking forward to discovering a fashion friendly shop in my own back yard. To date, Almonte is as charmed as it can get for all things 'but' fashion in my humble opinion.

So do me a favour ladies, make this an enlightening rich blog by sharing where and what is your favorite boutique!

Happy Sunday!

Kimberley Behnan