kimber’s favorite things

I’m no Oprah, but I do have my must-haves! What’s yours?

There are so many things I adore. In keeping with the Pay it Forward approach it only seems fitting that I share with you all my favorite things. (in no particular order and totally random stuff)

  • GoldenDoodles and British Short Hairs

  • Aritzia https://www.aritzia.com

  • Beauty Sense https://beautysense.ca/

  • Eminence skin products

  • AG Hair Products, especially Firewall Flat Iron Protection Spray

  • Dr. Natasha Turner Clear Menopause supplements

  • MAC lipsticks

  • DoTERRA essential oils & Saje essential oil blend, YOGA

  • 80’s music

  • Toronto Maple Leafs

  • SJP and Sex in the City

  • Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc