Today is my birthday


Today is my birthday and if you know me well, that usually transpires into a birthday week. I have always loved celebrating birthdays. It's a time to celebrate life; the gratefulness of family, friends and of one's existence.

I never understood those that just wanted the day to fly dreading the notion of 'one year older'. For me, I have always welcomed the extra wrinkle, and the challenge to stay youthful in body and soul.

Except for last year. It was the big 5-0 and surprisingly to my friends (and me), I just wanted the day to go away. I was not in a good place. Mentally and physically the timing of it all was a disaster.

So I'm officially calling today my '50-do-over' day. Over the past year, my family has made some life changes that have us living in a beautiful home, in a beautiful community with beautiful new and old friends. My focus on mind and wellness is thoughtful and energizing. And even my current layoff has me growing and developing as a person which I've shared in my blog series, Bite size snacks to feed the soul.

So for those of you dreading the one year older syndrome, I say, 'let it go'! Celebrate your life; it truly is a precious one.

To my husband and friends who are conspiring to make this 50-do-over memorable, I say an early thank you for making me feel fantastic.

Send your bday wishes by commenting on what makes YOU special!

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Kimberley Behnan