How to lose 10 pounds-- Part 3: ‘Bite size snacks to feed the soul’

Ah, the most commonly known topic at this time of the year! Who didn't indulge over the holidays? I know I did; had to drop the couple I lost before publishing this! 😀

Okay, folks. It's simple. Ditch the fad diets and the renewed memberships to the gym. You know as well as I do, always the short-term fix.

Rather, Come One with Mother Nature.

For me, that meant getting a Puppy! Our Goldendoodle, Bailey has done what no Personal Trainer could do (sorry guys you know I still love you). Bailey forces me to walk... A lot and every day. Walking is the secret to a healthy body and mind. Read 7 Incredible Results You'll Get From Walking 30 Minutes A Day as an example of the many publishings around the benefits of walking which I now realize to be true.

During the summer months Bailey and I would frequent the beach and even in this deep freeze, we walk the Torbolton Forest trails and then the snowy beach. It is my most favorite time of the day that sends me into my 'happy place'.

Bailey on the Ottawa River beach overlooking the Gatineau Hills

Bailey on the Ottawa River beach overlooking the Gatineau Hills



We average 30-45 minutes a day of walking. My personal benefits:

  • I've spent over $5K on personal training per year and had minimal results. I kid you not; I lost 10 pounds over the summer by walking the dog. For free!!

  • Nothing is more calming than breathing in the fresh air.

  • It helps me stimulate my creative juices (my blog topics usually surface from these walks).

  • It's my time to internalize; to be thankful, be inspired and rejuvenate for the day ahead.

  • Walking is naturally healing my aches and pains! Before I started walking, I had knee and hip pain on a daily basis. After about 2 months of walking, I completely forgot I had these ailments! How can that be!!??

  • Finally, our walks also generate conversations with strangers also walking their pups. Again as noted in my prior blog 'May the Force be With You', I'm not one to 'Chatty Cathy it up' with strangers. Surprisingly, it's been lovely meeting all our new neighbors.

Whether a pup, a loved one to walk with, or alone I encourage everyone to add walking in your daily routine. Bailey, I dedicate this blog to you! Thanks for helping me feed my soul! 

#Baileyandme at Christmas. He's only 7 months old and still growing!

#Baileyandme at Christmas. He's only 7 months old and still growing!

Stay warm everyone and look out for Part 4 to be posted before the end of the month! Follow me

Kimberley Behnan